Testimonials By Doctors

Dr. Lynn Wagner

I met Liv Wu for the first time at the Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives conference at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California. There she presented her model of culinary teaching which she developed for Google. As a integrative lifestyle medicine physician who works with patients and clients on a daily basis on the benefits of healthy eating for optimum health, her style of teaching was beyond any other schooling or instruction I had experienced. Her method of using flavors, ratios, smells and more were intriguing for someone like me who always used recipes and cookbooks to navigate the kitchen. 

In Liv’s class, Food & Flavor Fundamentals, I was not disappointed in her promise to teach me her method.


Liv brought me to a whole new level of cooking. Most importantly, it was a method that I can now share with my patients and clients who struggle just as I have to navigate healthy cooking. The key is to make it less complicated so people can actually stick with a healthy diet and Liv does just this!


The best part about the experience was that I shared it with my two daughters, 11 and 15 years old. The techniques we learned together have already been shared countless times in our own kitchen. They were engaged and excited the entire experience. It is not uncommon for me to received a text from one of them while I am at work, demonstrating their latest culinary experiment.  Even my 9 year old is benefiting as we brought the skills home to share with him.  It was a life-changing experience. 

I highly recommend working with Liv an any way you can, whether you are a master chef or a budding foodie. You will not be disappointed!

-Dr. Lynn Wagner

Andrea M. Girman, MD MPH

As a physician bearing witness to the epidemic of chronic illnesses ravaging this country, it has long been my belief that better lifestyle choices are one of the most important remedies – good food choices topping the list. And yet, many of us lack key competencies to unlock the healing power held within food: the knowledge of basic cooking skills, an understanding of how to choose wholesome ingredients, and a feeling of confidence in our ability to enhance our food with the myriad palette of flavors available to us from culinary traditions all over the world.

Thankfully, these are the gifts of Liv Wu’s teaching. Students become grounded in their essential cooking skills; they experientially discover and cultivate a fundamental understanding of flavor profiles; and they gain confidence to choose fresh and cook fresh – without the burden of recipe. Liv Wu’s teaching, coaching, and framework has deepened my curiosity for everything I taste, and it has provided a sense of liberation in the kitchen.

As the former Director of Medical Education for a large functional diagnostics lab (Genova Diagnostics), much of my time was dedicated to building knowledge skills in our physician-clients. Given that experience, I believe that

Andrea M. Girman

Andrea M. Girman

Liv Wu’s course is the perfect course for health professionals: nutritionally sound, multicultural and guaranteed to transfer the language of and enthusiasm for eating well to your patients.


I remain ever grateful for the adventure of this class, the extraordinary skill, insight, and graciousness of Liv and her Sous Chefs, and the grace and ease of her approach to cooking. I look forward to continuing my education with her, and sharing it forward.

– Andrea M. Girman, MD MPH

Teresa P. McBride, ND

Liv’s class has really stepped up my game in the kitchen. Learning to cook using the flavor grid and ratios has freed me from needing to follow recipes and has helped me make better use of leftovers.  

The curriculum is exactly what people need to feel comfortable and enjoy being in the kitchen creating healthy meals for friends and family.


Being a healthcare practitioner I am excited to share this with my colleagues and patients.”   

– Teresa P. McBride, ND

Testimonials by Chefs

Nicholas Petti

Culinary Arts Management, Department Head at Mendocino Community College

Liv, Cook, Eat is a cross-disciplinary curriculum that teaches students basic nutrition, self-care, and life skills, using the lens of food and culture. Each class focuses on a taste and a ratio, encouraging students to develop a food vocabulary and vernacular, as well as giving them practical tools to move beyond cooking from recipes. The ratios and flavor grid help students think about food, flavor, and balance.

Impressive for me is how the curriculum clearly articulates what I, as a culinary faculty member, and chef-proprietor for 23 years, have done intuitively for years. The concepts and learning objectives are simple and clear, but the curriculum is deep, drawing on current scientific research as well as a lifetime of flavor creation and combination.

Chef-Instructor Nicholas Petti. Dr. Lynn Wagner and daughter Zita

Chef-Instructor Nicholas Petti. Dr. Lynn Wagner and daughter Zita

Since food is essential to all of our lives the curriculum is adaptable for use in a number of disciplines. I am a culinary instructor, training food professionals, but am excited to bring this curriculum to my colleagues in the nursing, sociology, and athletic departments, to name a few. I will also introduce the curriculum to local agencies meeting the needs of underserved communities.

– Nicholas Petti

Other Testimonials


15 years old

I was telling my friends all about the course and they are so jealous and think it is so cool. I love being able to show them my skills too. Now when I am at restaurants and looking at what to get I feel like I am able to branch off more and I can actually understand the menu. I also have started to think about what flavors I am tasting which makes eating fun!

This cooking class was so amazing for me to be able to learn how to cook better, eat better, and learn to appreciate food more. I felt like I had a new appreciation for flavors and textures and different foods. It was lots of fun doing it at such a young age because now I have so many new ideas for school lunches and dinners for when I am home alone.

Zita and Heidi Luloff, Ages 11 and 15

Zita and Heidi Luloff, Ages 11 and 15

I also feel very ready to be able to cook for myself once I go off to college which makes me feel very accomplished. I’m so grateful to have an experience like this and hope that many more kids my age can experience what I have.