Food and Flavor Fundamentals: Kitchen Jazz

6 1/2 day Intensive

This 7-unit core course is open to all levels, from novice to advanced cooks, educators, health professionals and chef-instructors. Learners create flavor combinations, develop personal taste profiles, and flow with confidence and freedom in the kitchen. Chef instructors in particular, love a structure with which they can guide students to recipe-free cooking. You can play food jazz and improvise around own style.

Liv Wu’s method embraces teaching the whole person through sensory perception, culinary and tasting exercises, and knowledge of self-care and sustainability. The process injects students with excitement and enthusiasm. They leave the class with lifelong engagement to food, wellness, and curiosity and creativity.



4 - 6 PM daily
Each day consists of a 2 ½- to 3-hour class, followed by a class tasting or small meal, and discussion. 
Extra sessions re pedagogy and your special circumstances are added as needed.


Covers food, kitchen use, ingredients, tastings, coaching by Chef Liv and assistants

● Institution: $1,800/per person, or $6,000 for 4 attendees from that institution.
● Independents: $1,500/pp.
● A sliding scale is sometimes offered to student and apprentice chefs.


Upcoming Intensives:

July 6 - 12, 2019 / 3 PM to 6 PM daily

LCE Learning Kitchen, Moss Beach




“I believe that Liv Wu’s course is the perfect course for health professionals: nutritionally sound, multicultural and guaranteed to transfer the language of and enthusiasm for eating well to your patients.”

Andrea M. Girman, MD MPH


“Impressive for me is how the curriculum clearly articulates what I, as a culinary faculty member , and chef-proprietor for 23 years, have done intuitively for years. The concepts and learning objectives are simple and clear, but the curriculum is deep, drawing on current scientific research as well as a lifetime of flavor creation and combination.”

– Chef-instructor Nicholas Petti


“This class was so amazing for me to be able to learn how to cook better, eat better, and learn to appreciate food more. I had a new appreciation for flavors and textures and different foods. Now I have so many new ideas for school lunches, and dinners for when I am home alone. I also feel very ready to be able to cook for myself once I go off to college.”

– Heidi Luloff, 15