Food and Flavor Fundamentals: Kitchen Jazz

Liv's Core

College level life-skills class in food literacy, nutrition, food systems, flavor acuity, and culinary skills. The course includes a Train-the-Trainer level for academic institutions, health professionals and all levels of educators with the aim of building lifelong food engagement.

Who can sign up for the course:

• Health professionals and academics
• Educators
• Chefs in academic settings; chefs in community outreach
• Families, individuals and all who desire lifelong appreciation of food

3 1/2-day Ultra Intensive

The most compressed version focusing on kitchen practicum beginning with an afternoon session on Day 1. Days 2, 3 and 4 consist of one session each morning and each afternoon. Optional pedagogy sessions and discussion periods are added--per needs of participants.


6 1/2-day Intensive

Experience Liv Wu’s full curriculum over the course of a week, with one session per day. Each day consists of a 2 ½- to 3-hour class, followed by a class tasting or small meal, and discussion. Optional talks around pedagogy and academic requirements may be scheduled, per requests.