Liv’s “Code for Cooks” class has changed the way I cook, eat, and appreciate food.


From tasting her flavor grid, I learned about how to combine unique sensations to create exciting new dishes. I could appreciate restaurant plates that much more, knowing that a chef carefully selected ingredients to have just the right balance.

I learned the art of cutting fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. I learned how *not* to rely on recipes, but on ratios and taste profiles. I learned how to eat well and be mindful of where my food comes from.

I now have the confidence to cook full meals for my family and friends; to go shopping at the farmer’s market because I have the fundamental building blocks to create a meal. And I can’t wait to use the tools from Code for Cooks to build my next meal.

- Eddie



I had an amazing yet simple experience where people of all ages felt empowered to create their own signature dishes through awakening their senses and building a better connection with food.

- Christinia


I have a new experimental and confident approach to preparing food.


I also have a new way of analyzing why a particular dish in a restaurant is appealing, based on flavors. Liv’s Code for Cooks classes are not recipe-driven. Rather, her approach is about sensory experiences, basic understandings, and nurturing—so elementary and yet, for me, revolutionary.



Liv is an absolutely phenomenon teacher.


Liv's teaching style allows you to understand the underlying way of how cooking is done properly. Rather then just blindly following a recipe that has no character or uniqueness, Liv will teach you about using the flavor grid and different aromas from local sustainable ingredients so that you can create dishes that fit your taste profile, the region that you are cooking in and ensure that it tastes absolutely delicious.



Great learning experience. Great teacher. Great food. Great fun. Can't ask for more.