Liv Cook Eat offers group classes and team builds in Liv Wu’s Learning Kitchen. The intimate setting is designed to foster personal growth, professional leadership and connection to the natural world.


Source Code for Cooks

Learn the basics of flavor and flavor creation. Translate  flavor-building skill into recipe-free cooking, and free yourself from  prescriptive recipes. Learn and practice core ratios and culinary techniques as foundations for creative flavor-building.


Day of Well-Being

A day-long retreat with activities in Liv's kitchen and around Liv's table, set in coastal, woodsy surroundings. Sign up your team, friends or family, and choose from 3 packages.


Art and Science of Flavor

The ½-day course lays the foundation of a creative cook, and cultivates in a lifelong food curiosity, literacy and appreciation. Great for teams, families, teachers, health professionals and individuals.


Eating in Community:
The New Shared Meal

Choose from among 4 menus for a sit-down family meal. Learn about menu-planning, ordering, flavor balance, nutrition, satiety and health. Explore and delight in new flavors.  Mindful Eating segment per request. Light cooking activities for those who are inclined.